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I am IT engineer currently studying MBA living in Lalitpur, Nepal. I am a Professional web & mobile application developer and Digital Marketer working in this field for past 6 years. I am enthusiastic and passionate about latest technologies and businesses. I am currently researching on Digital Marketing and Online Business and would be glad to help anybody with my knowledge. I like to keep myself updated with latest tech and business news through different blogs, videos and seminars etc. I am known to  be one of the finest digital and affiliate marketing specialist in Nepal. 




Here’s the Story 

Back then at School , He was a shy kid who had always been passionate regarding computer stuffs and wanted to be to something related in computer field.  After high school, He got opportunity to study  IT (Information Technology ) Engineer in Nepal and followed his  dream .  As tech enthusiast he always loved programming and developed various skills regarding programming in different languages like Java , C ,  C++, HTML, Php etc.  During his end of his engineering started as an Intern at Proshore  ( Software Company) and later worked for web and android application developer for 3 years .   


Having an entrepreneurial spirit he then started working on a software company name ‘Mhuchya Technology’ with his friends and further worked as  web and mobile application developer excelling his web and mobile application development skills.  Realising that management  skills is as important as technical skill , He later started MBA with marketing Specialization and continued to  excel his skills. Having a good IT background , He is now working on excelling at Digital Marketing skills and  looking to help different business owners to grow their business.  Currently , He is popularly known to be digital and affilate marketing speciast in Nepal. 



He aspire to be one of the renowned Digital Entrepreneur helping and changing the life of millions of people for better life.


He is passionately working on to fulfil his dreams by creating resources regarding digital marketing, organizing workshops and teaching & helping entrepreneurs in their business.


He is a believer and practitioner of simplicity , honesty, Integrity and helpfulness in his daily lives.


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Lalitpur, Nepal

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