Digital Marketing for Begineers

What you will learn here?

  •  What is Digital Marketing?
  • What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?
  • What are the various tools or channels of Digital Marketing?
  • What are the requirements for learning Digital Marketing?
  • What are the careers in Digital Marketing?
  • What are various Digital Marketing tools?
  • What is Search Engine and SEO?
  • What is Social Media Management?
  • What is Email Marketing?
  • What is Content Marketing?
  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Organic and Inorganic Traffic?
  • Inbound and Outbound marketing?
  • Digital Marketing Funnel?
  • Digital Marketing in Nepal?

What is Digital Marketing ?


Simply, Digital marketing which is also a synonym for “Internet marketing”, is the modern marketing technique carried out to achieve your business goals and objectives using the online channels such as social media, search engines & content creations, etc., for generating awareness and increasing sales of your product or services to potential customers.  Digital marketing has become a buzz word for every business person who seeks to sells products through online medium.


Before the emergence of digital marketing which is around a decade ago, if businesses wanted to reach out to their targeted customers, they would use traditional marketing techniques for promotion such as newspaper, TV, radio because that’s where the customers used to spend most of the time. However, with the rapid growth of latest technologies has brought digital revolution changing the habits and behaviors of the people.  People started to spend more time on online platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, etc. for entertainment, news, and commerce as well.


In order words, everything is going digital and run through clicks. And if you are not going online you are missing out a lot of your potential customers online. Let’s have a  look at what bill gates have to say about making business online.

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” – Bill Gates 

Benefits of Digital Marketing


Cost Effective

Unlike, Traditional marketing, Digital marketing is cost effective and most effective way to promote your business as compared to traditional marketing. With limited budget as low as 5$, you can advertising content & start your campaign. You will have absolute control over how you want to spend that budget and its easy as well.

Real Time Results

While using traditional marketing techniques, you do not get the results promptly and its very difficult to measure.  In case of digital marketing your advertisements can get real time results and even allows you to edit on real-time based upon the results and analysis you do.  This means that you will have absolute control on  the advertisements you run.

PPC(Pay per click)

Using Digital marketing , you can advertise and get real time results through pay per click which means you only pay for the actions .  Furthermore , you can track the campaigns at real time and make appropriate amendments according to the results you are getting at real time .


Using traditional marketing there is no way to target specific consumers who see your ads and hence once you give advertisements its will also reach out to unintended people who won’t be interested on it at all. However, with Digital marketing, it is easy to target audience on the basis of their age group, interest, location, behavior etc. You can create you own custom audience and push your ads to your targeted customer.

Measurable Results

We know that there is no appropriate way to measure the performance of the advertisement using traditional marketing technique. However, Using Digital marketing, you can accurately measure the results using analytics which gives you detailed overview of how consumers are perceiving your ads and you can use it to forecast your future sales.

Conversion rates

The conversion rates are much better in digital marketing compared to traditional marketing as it uses efficient targeting measure that helps to eliminate non consumers.   

Does this mean that traditional marketing techniques do not work anymore?

Not at all ..  We cannot say that traditional marketing does not work anymore and has no impact. Rather, it goes hand in hand with digital marketing, in fact, we can have an even better marketing mix combining both traditional and digital marketing techniques.

Who can learn Digital Marketing?


Who can learn Digital Marketing?

Anybody can learn digital marketing provided that you have a laptop, internet connection and willingness to learn.  Even school students can start learning digital marketing. Also, you do not require any kind of background anyone can do this. Digital marketing has generated many young entrepreneurs all around the world and is earning thousands of dollars.


Digital Marketing for Students

Digital Marketing is a skill that everyone must-have. There are numerous benefits to everyone. You can easily get a job, you can even do a career shift if you are not happy with your current work. You can even take freelancing work as well. You can become a full-time freelancer or do it part-time, for extra money. Now, this is especially good for college students who need extra pocket money while practicing the newly learn Digital Marketing skills. You can even enhance your resume by adding digital marketing as a skill. Students and Even working professionals can stand out among the rest of the competition in their interviews by adding digital marketing as a skill.


Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

If you are a small business or a startup owner, or even planning to start a start-up even then this digital marketing course will help you immensely. Having knowledge of digital marketing will be a key asset for you to grow your business. Trust me guys, this is a skill that will help you, one way or another.


Digital Marketing as Active and Passive source of income

Now I must mention that a job is not the only way to make money through digital marketing. You can even start a business. You can even do paid consulting for the companies. And the best part is you can even create a passive source of income either through blogging or affiliate marketing. We will be talking all about this in the future.




Here I will be briefly explaining about all the digital marketing modules. And if you are planning to become a specialist in one of these fields, then you need to go deeper than it and master it. Also, I should mention one very important point. Digital marketing is highly dynamic. So you need to constantly learn new things, and apply the same. Now, I will go through each component one by one, and give you an overview of each modules. 

Today’s video/lesson is really exciting because I will be giving you an overview of what you will be learning in the next few days. Just a humble request to all of you to please watch this video until the end, because I have an extremely important step that I need you guys to do in order to learn digital marketing. Without that step, you won’t be able to learn anything. 

So these are the primary components of digital marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Sales funnel.

Now, you will be able to build sales funnels only if you know the rest of the things. Now, since you are just starting your digital marketing journey, I won’t expect you to become an expert in all these fields. Rather, these are very specialized fields. So, there are jobs for just search engine marketing, there are jobs for just social media marketing. Similarly for search engine optimization or SEO. Similarly, for content marketing, email marketing and web analytics. But as a digital marketer you must know all of these at least the overview of how these work. Then later on you can find a specialization for yourself, the one that interests you the most. Get specialized in it, and become an expert in that.




It is imperative in the digital age to own a website. If you are a business owner and don’t have a website you lose on the market opportunity. The information on a website helps in communicating with the customer about the product & overall business credibility. Think about it, any customer will do basic research before making a purchase, hence having a user-friendly and informative site is the first step in showcasing your authenticity. Through digital marketing, you can learn how to design a cost-effective website, generate traffic, list your website on directories and search engines. The basic rule is to design a website that is user-friendly, mobile-friendly and loads quickly.

Things to learn in this section:

  • Website Terminologies
  • Buying Domain Name and Hosting
  • Setting up  Domain name server
  • WordPress Installation 
  • WordPress Themes Installation 
  • WordPress Plugins 
  • Creating Domain Email Accounts Creating Subdomains   
  • Adding SSl  Website Backups
  • Creating Pages and Posts
  • Creating and Managing Tags   
  • Managing menus , side bar and footers    
  • Integrating Contact for and Captcha for spam protection



 Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the process for getting traffic out of the free, organic, informative article, or natural search results on search engines. Simply, it’s the title given to the action that tries to enhance search engine positions. In most respects, it is simply quality control for sites.

SEO may target different types of search, including image search, local search, voice search, and news search engines. Using a solid SEO strategy will help you place your website properly to be found at the most crucial points in the buying procedure or when consumers need your site.

Search Engine Crawlers
The top search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, utilize crawlers to find the pages for their algorithmic search results. Pages that are linked from various other search engine indexed pages do not have to be submitted because they are located automatically.

Search engine crawlers may look at a number of unique factors when visiting a site. Not every page is found by the search engines. Distance of webpages from the main directory of a website may also be a factor in whether pages get crawled.

Notes :
You need to be cautious to keep the following points in mind to be able to make sure your brand is nicely positioned on search engines :

Search engines want to perform their jobs as far as you can by referring users to websites and articles that are quite relevant to what the consumer is looking for. This is dependent on the site content, just how fast your website loads, how often your website is connected to from other reputable internet resources, and consumer experience, including layout, navigation, and bounce rate.

The items which the search engines don’t desire are keyword stuffing, buying links, and bad user experience (too many ads and higher bounce prices ).

Domain Names is important to your overall branding. Other best practices with domains would be to use constant domains and keywords from the URL.

Optimize for different forms of results. In addition to optimizing the desktop experience, focus on cellular and tablet computer optimization along with other media.

Content on the website should have title tags along with meta descriptions. Although meta tags aren’t as significant as they were previously; should you use them, ensure they are formatted properly. 

Things to learn:

• Introduction to SEO
• Optimizing website using different tags
• Keyword research and writing contents
• Competitors’ analysis
• Understanding & Implementing On Page Optimization
• Understanding & Implementing Off Page Optimization
• Setting up local SEO and Google My Business



Social media marketing, in simple terms, is the use of social media platforms for marketing purposes. These purposes may be to build your audiences, brand reputation, increasing sales as well as driving website traffic. Currently, there are 3.84 billion social media users worldwide, and this number will only be growing in the coming days. So, social media platforms have become a great place to advertise the products to a greater audience. The highly used social media platforms at the moment are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Snapchat.

Social media marketing is very cheap in comparison to the traditional marketing strategies and is more effective in most cases. Social media marketing does not mean just putting out any ads in social media platforms and then instantly getting positive results. There are many factors to be considered while performing social media marketing to get positive results. There are many social media management tools we can use so that we can make our marketing strategy more effective. These tools help us manage the audience reach as to our target customers. The choice of social media platforms for marketing also depends on the nature of the business. Facebook and Instagram are highly effective for B2C businesses whereas LinkedIn and Twitter are considered to be more effective for B2B businesses.

Social media optimization is the method of promoting a business organically i.e. without paying. This strategy will help to gain ideal and loyal customers or audiences. Social media optimization includes creating contents, posts, videos and other contents in a way that encourages users to use or share the contents across the social media platform which will in return promote the business.

• Social Media Marketing Introduction
• Creating Facebook Page
• Managing multiple Facebook Pages.
• Creating Business Manager Account
• Creating test Facebook Ads campaign
• Implementing Facebook pixel and Re-marketing
• Analyzing the Insights of the campaign.
• Setting up Instagram business profile
• Setting up Instagram Bio and Profile images
• Understanding hashtags secrets
• Creating test Feed and Story Instagram Ads
• Analyzing and tracking the campaign results.




Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.It is the most important thing for the people who wants to increase the profit on the website.It is normally the data collection of the website visitors so that it can be easy for taking the productive decision to increase the web traffic and grow the profit.The main focus of web analytics is to understand the users of a site, their behavior, and activities.


If you are new to the website and want to grow the traffic on your website then do not get worried. There are many web analytics tools which helps to provide metrics and analysis of data to inform an understanding of user behaviour across web pages. By using a web analytics tool for the collection of data,you get to know about what is and isn’t working and then it will be easy to choose the right direction for the betterment of website.


The only best free tool I recommend is “Google Analytics”. Through google analytics any website admin can track and analyze data about web provides the basic idea about what keywords are bringing the most traffic to your pages and also help in generating the report for the website that includes information about visitors, traffic sources,goals,contents etc. The main disadvantage about this tool is that it can take time for the real time updates.

Things to learn here  

Google Analytics and Web master tools Introduction
• Setting up google analytics account and installing tracking code on website
• Adding filters and removing internal traffic
• Analyzing different segment data
• Manage Multiple analytics account
• Linking google AdWords account
• Tracking paid campaigns
• Removing Spam Traffic
• Registering website on google search console
• Creating Sitemap and adding in google search
• Analyzing search traffic in webmaster tool
• Checking crawl errors in webmaster tool
• Auditing Index status and security issues in search console



 Content Marketing is an approach in which relevant, consistent, informative and valuable content are created and distributed to a targeted audience in order to engage and attract them to take action which uplifts a business profit. The content may be in various forms such as news, videos, blogs, web pages etc. In today’s world, good content is what the customers are looking for. It helps customers to gain knowledge and ideas about the product or service and helps them to make better buying decisions. Content Marketing additionally provides further advantages such as it supports alternative digital marketing channels, provides further content for social media marketing and contributes to SEO efforts by generating natural inward links and increase sensible content on your website that gets found in search engines. In fact, for several firms the majority of their SEO efforts ought to be targeted on content marketing.



Google Ads 

Google ads is an online marketing or advertising podium which is developed by Google where marketers pay some amount to show their advertisements, products and services which may be in the form of videos and photos and also generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to the web users.


PPC(Pay Per Click)

PPC(Pay Per Click) is a crucial component of marketing strategy which is used to increase the volume to top of funnel leads, if implemented correctly. After increasing the brand’s overall reach, PPC campaigns reveal the brand or our product to even larger and diverse audience. PPC ads allow our brand to become visible in search engine result pages based on the specific keywords and phrases our potential buyer is seeking for. For eg: You pay for the ad only if the users click on( Pay Per Click) .

The rank of our ad shows on search results depending on the keyword bidding strategy.


For eg: If you search ‘best hotels on kathmandu’ on Google, you will notice the first 2-3 results appearing with a small box in the corner written ‘Ad.’ That small ‘Ad’ indicates us that the specific top ranked ads are the result of properly executed PPC campaign.    



Things to learn here:

Google AdWords /Ads Introduction
• Google Ads account setup
• Creating first test ad campaign
• Analyzing competitors
• Understanding Campaign Types and Selecting right campaign
• Setting up bids and budgets
• Targeting right audiences
• Choosing right keywords
• Understanding google ads advance campaign setting
• Understanding types of display ads
• Creating first test display ads campaign
• Creating first test video ads campaign
• Optimizing ads campaign




Email Marketing is a highly efficient digital marketing tool in which you send a potential or an existing customer emails to develop or enhance the relationship with them. Let’s say that you have a YouTube channel related to Photography and you want to sell some camera products or some software bundles like presets in Adobe Lightroom, so the subscribers that have subscribed to your channel could be your potential customers, you can ask them if they want to be updated via emails about your product and later on send them by giving a little description about the product itself, its price and so on.


In this 21st century, words and letters can be quite boring and time consuming for the readers, so always sending a newsletter format may not be efficient. Due to the rapid development of technology, you can use graphics, videos and images to portray your message. Through email marketing, you can also invite them to seminars and events and conduct surveys about your products/services.

Keep in mind that this strategy is a human interaction at its base so promoting your stuff all the time without the ability to engage them may do you more harm than profit. Make sure to send some thank you messages once in a while to let your customers/clients know that you are grateful to have them.


Things to learn here

• Email Marketing Introduction
• Setting up Email marketing tools (Send Blaster & Server Mailer)
• Extracting email from different website like (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
• Building own email lists
• Writing good emails
• Sending bulk emails using email marketing tools.
• Analyzing open rates and click rates of emails
• Tracking traffic sources

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