As a Digital Marketer, developing a customer profile is one of the important processes in making advertisement campaigns and I had always wondered ho make an effective and standard customer profile. Luckily I got to study this in the IMC class as our teacher taught us about the Empathy map. It helped me to visualize what customer thinks, does, sees, feels and their pains and gains and helped me to know about customers better. As practical, our group needed to conduct a survey , a qualitative one in order to know them well, and we did it for our product i.e. Smartwatch. I usually ignore the research, but while interviewing people I began to realize the importance of research. The research helped us to change the way of thinking regarding the product as different consumers had different beliefs. We as product developer cannot think broadly as we have our own mindset about the product. Interviewing with people with different mindset helped us to unlock the possibilities and understand their needs and desires regarding the product.

Talking about advertisements in IMC was very much fun. Unlike other classes, I do enjoy IMC classes as we get to look at audiovisuals which really entertains me. I learned about different advertisement appeals like humor, affective , sex, rational, etc that affect the viewer in a different way. As a marketer, I believe that knowing the personality of the product we need to choose the appropriate tone for it. Our team also made a creative brief regarding our project. Thanks to our teacher that she brought up a video making professional Shashank Shrestha as our guest lecture where we could learn essential aspects of making videos. He gave us a very good example of why we should know the audience. I have always wondered ho professional videos are made and in the class, I got to get the insight of it. I have also thought of making some basic videos for the future. Also, I learned the importance of making storyboards while making videos that helps to plan and visualize during video shoot.

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